The Best Paint Brands for Your Home or Office

The best paint brands help make homes stand out. Give your home a look that makes you proud with the help of our talented color consulting and painting teams.


Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint

Sherwin Williams exterior paint is available in a range of different styles and colors to create the perfect look for your home or office renovation project. Sherwin Williams exterior paint is made with acrylic latex to ensure excellent protection from the elements.

Emerald Sherwin Williams exterior paint offers weather resistance and excellent coverage. Duration Sherwin Williams exterior paint is another option available for residents on the North Shore. Duration is great for single coat repaints and it is extremely durable and resistant to the elements.

For the best mildew resistance, particularly for homes that are surrounded by shade, Resilience Sherwin Williams exterior paint has MoistureGuard™ technology. It is also extremely resistant to dirt so your home will look better for longer between maintenance.

If you’re interested in Sherwin Williams for exterior paint, or if you have a particular type or color in mind, you can talk to our sales team today to get started with your estimate.


The Best Exterior Paint for Commercial Projects

When looking for the best exterior paint for commercial projects, the right paint depends on the color and properties that you’re looking for. While all of the best exterior paints are designed to be weather resistant, some outperform others, especially for large buildings that are more exposed to the elements. The best exterior paint for your commercial project is likely to come from Benjamin Moore.

We prefer and recommend this brand for many of our projects because it is extremely durable and rated for commercial projects. We have confidence in the brand, just as we do with Sherwin Williams for a lot of our residential projects.

Benjamin Moore produces some of the best exterior paint for situations where the exterior surface has been heavily weathered over the years. Benjamin Moore Select Exterior High Build paint is one example where the paint can quickly fill in cracks and voids in the surface material for a more consistent coat.

Whether choosing Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, or other brands from our suppliers, we will always choose the best exterior paint for the unique project. We’ll consult on color, the specific esthetic you’re going for, and will provide options.


The Most Popular Exterior House Paint Colors

If you’re planning to paint your home, you can start thinking about the project and the most popular exterior house paint colors.

In our initial consultation, we’ll discuss exterior house paint colors and paint brands based on your type of home and the look and feel that you’re going for. Certain exterior house paint colors can evoke different moods and eras, but there’s no one-fits-all solution for every property.

As a starting point, explore some of the most common exterior house paint colors:

  • Deeper mustard yellows are trending for brighter and more lively homes that retain a hint of summer and spring during the colder months.
  • Rich greens work well for a natural and earthy esthetic that fits in superbly on Chicago’s North Shore.
  • Classic white will always be in style, and it can be complemented with darker accents on shutters, frames, and doors.
  • Ocean blues and greens are ideal for coastal homes that integrate naturally with the environment.
  • Blue-gray paint has been used extensively in recent years and works well with homes featuring light or dark gray brick and stonework.

There are no real rules when it comes to choosing exterior house paint colors (unless stated in HOA agreements) so you can get creative when exploring different paint brands.


Sherwin Williams Passive – A Showcase Interior Color for Modern Homes

Interiors can give you more freedom to explore color combinations that suit your sense of style. You can balance color choices with trim and décor. If you want something truly versatile, you can consider Sherwin Williams Passive. Known by its swatch code of #SW 7064, Sherwin Williams passive is a neutral light gray that can work almost anywhere in a modern home.

Choosing Sherwin Williams Passive will offer you an excellent base from where you can create drama with décor like furniture, rugs, carpet, or even wood flooring. Sherwin Williams Passive and similar colors can modernize an older home while creating more interesting interiors than classic white or beige.

Sherwin Williams Passive and similar colors can modernize an older home while creating more interesting interiors than classic white or beige.

Sherwin Williams Passive sits near the middle of the Light Reflectance Value range so it won’t make your home feel dark.

The Best Paint brands with the Finest Workmanship from Big League Painting

With some ideas to get started on your home or office renovation, it’s time to talk to the painting experts. Big League Painting uses the best paint brands to create elegant and impressive interiors and exteriors at commercial and residential properties. We’re available to start with your free estimate today.

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