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Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. It’s where you relax at the end of the day, where you watch your family grow, and where you will create memories for a lifetime.

Maintaining your home will protect its value while giving you a space where you can feel comfortable. You take pride in your home, which is why you should insist on the highest quality residential painting in North Shore IL.

We offer North Shore exterior painting and painting for interiors, using the highest quality products and techniques. Our staff has been extensively trained to offer premium customer service and lasting results using the latest methods. Bring out the real beauty of your home with expert house painting in North Shore.

Residential Painting in Chicago

Brick Painting and Treatments

Brick is a popular exterior material that features on many of North Shore’s most beautiful homes. You can transform and modernize the look of brick features with our painting and staining treatments. Many brick and masonry materials will respond well to staining, giving your exterior a whole new look and feel. Paint can also be used to seal brick, protect it from deterioration, and give your home a fresh aesthetic.

If you love the natural look of your brick exterior features but are unhappy with the dullness that develops over time, our limewash service will be perfect. This restores and lightens brick while removing mildew and other contaminants that accumulate over time.

Trust the leading residential painters in North Shore IL for brick restoration, cleaning, staining and painting.

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Brick Painting and Treatments in Chicago

Cabinet Refinishing

Give your kitchen, bathroom or laundry a fresh new look with professional cabinet refinishing. You’ll be amazed at the difference that beautiful new colors and surfaces can make to each room. Impress your guests and increase your enjoyment of your home with this simple décor technique.

Choose Quality Workmanship
At Big League Painting, our highly qualified and experienced team is recognized for providing quality workmanship to clients in North Shore, IL. We’re just a phone call away from delivering quick, effective kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinet refinishing and painting services without causing disruption in your home. When you choose our company to handle your residential painting and renovation needs, you can be sure of getting exactly what you want.

Keep Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Room Remodeling Affordable
Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you cook, mingle with family and often entertain your guests. Many North Shore homeowners have discovered the benefit of remodeling their kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. While this is one of the most popular home renovation projects, it’s often overlooked when you’re calculating a remodeling budget. Now you don’t have to exclude these important areas of your home from being updated. With cabinet refinishing, you can give your utility rooms a facelift that’s affordable and effective.

Professional Results at a Fraction of the Cost
When you update your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, it’s important to include your cabinets in the project. Otherwise, even if you change everything else in a room, the cabinets will still look dingy and outdated. Now, North Shore homeowners can skip the cost and stress of replacing or refacing cabinets and enjoy superb results with kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinet refinishing in North Shore. This is a great solution for rooms where your cabinets are structurally sound, or you don’t want the expense and inconvenience of replacing them.

Benefits of Painting Your Cabinets


  • Lower materials costs
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Less expensive than replacement
  • Quicker turn-around time


  • Needs no demolition or deconstruction
  • You’ll have full use of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room during the refinishing process

High Quality

  • Refinished cabinets are extremely durable
  • Spray painting delivers a high quality, “factory-finish” appearance
  • Your cabinets will look and feel like new

Environmentally Friendly

  • Our process contains no harmful chemical odors
  • All products used are low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to protect your family and pets during refinishing
  • Repainting and re-using your existing cabinets is a positive action for protecting the planet.

Remodeling your North Shore home is easy and affordable when you choose to have your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, or laundry room cabinets painted or refinished by Big League Painting.

Our Refinishing Procedure

Cabinet Preparation: We put your cabinets through rigorous preparation before starting the refinishing procedure, to make certain the final product is up to our quality standards. This starts by cleaning with a chemical wash to remove all dirt and bacteria. Next, we’ll give the cabinets a robust sanding until they are completely smooth. Our experienced team then gives them a light wash with a micro-fiber cloth to remove any debris.

Cabinet Painting: This stage begins with the application of two coats of White Pigment Shellac Bonding. After drying for a few hours, we’ll sand the cabinets using a lighter sandpaper to level any remaining grain or debris, and follow this with another micro-fiber cleaning. In the final stage, we apply two to three coats of lacquer to deliver thorough, even coverage. Once completed, the cabinets are wrapped in durable foam, delivered free of charge and reinstalled according to your agreement with us.

On-Site Preparation: The last step in our tried and tested cabinet refinishing process is to prepare for reinstallation. Big League Painting’s team of experts will first cover your whole kitchen area with paper and plastic to make sure all exposed surfaces are protected from overspray. We’ll then coat the bones of the cabinets with bonding primer, excluding the shelves which are not professionally recommended.

On-Site Painting: After the primer dries for a few hours, a light sanding followed by micro-fiber cleaning will remove any raised grain or debris from the cabinet bones. Finally, our team will apply three to four coats of lacquer to create the same smooth surface and even coverage as the cabinets themselves. We’ll reinstall the cabinet doors and hardware, and dispose of all plastic and preparation materials. After a thorough cleaning of the room is completed, we’ll leave you to enjoy your newly transformed kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t afford to update your North Shore kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or laundry room cabinets. Quality cabinet refinishing is the best, most cost-effective alternative to refacing or replacing cabinets, and we have just the right people to do it.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

  • Step 1: We degrease all of your cabinets to make sure there is no grease, residue, or debris before we start.
  • Step 2: We remove all the doors and drawer faces to start the prepping process.
  • Step 3: We then scuff sand everything to ensure a proper bond for the primer. We typically do not paint the insides of the cabinets unless they have glass doors.
  • Step 4: After scuff sanding we mask and tape everything off.
  • Step 5: We then use an HVLP or Airless sprayer to spray on a stain-blocking primer. If needed we then lightly sand.
  • Step 6: We then spray on 2-3 coats of a water-based pre-cat lacquer or paint or what the client prefers.
  • Step 7: The doors are sprayed on-site inside a small spray room that we build.

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Cabinet Refinishing in Chicago

Carpentry Services (Minor)

Features inside and outside of your home can be restored and improved with our minor carpentry services throughout the North Shore. Our handyman experts can help you with smaller restoration and renovation jobs around the home, including:

  • Handyman services
  • Porch & Deck Restoration
  • Siding Replacement & Repair
  • Column Restoration
  • Door & Eaves Replacement
  • Cabinet painting
  • Wood Stripping & Refinishing
  • Combine carpentry work with residential painting North Shore IL for a convenient project and a single bill!

You don’t need to hire a general contractor for the smaller repairs and touch-ups inside or outside of your home. Call us now for any of the smaller jobs to enjoy professional results and the most competitive prices.

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Chicago

Decks and Fences

With the leading North Shore exterior painting company, you can have decks and fences refinished to enhance your outdoor spaces. A professional touch will raise the curbside appeal and give you pride in your outdoor entertaining spaces.Chicago homes weather the elements year-round, with everything from blazing sunlight to blizzard conditions, it’s important to have confidence in your exterior finishes.

We can treat, stain, paint, and protect all of your decking and fencing. From perimeter fences to smaller garden fences and aesthetic features, we’ll help you to choose the colors that complement your home. Our advanced application methods and highly trained technicians ensure consistently flawless results.Painting does more than improve the aesthetic of your exteriors. For wooden fences and decking, paint will help to protect the materials and maximize lifetime. For decking, painting even improves safety, preventing mildew and slippery surfaces. If you want to get a better return from the investment you’ve made in your exterior features, it’s time to talk to us.

Our decks and fences services cover:

  • Deck and fence staining/painting/sealing
  • Deck and patio cleaning and coating
  • Refurbish stained and varnished trim
  • Power washing and cleaning
  • Staining and finishing of natural wood surfaces

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Commercial Painting - Big League Painting Decks and Fences

Drywall Repair

Drywall damage can leave your interiors looking tired and run down. We offer complete drywall repair services to perfectly complement our North Shore interior painting. We’ll fix uneven walls, holes, scrapes, and gouges. Drywall repair can be used for spot treatment or to completely refurbish a heavily damaged room or hallway.

Water damage is also common in drywall. We can remove spot sections or replace extensively damaged walls after flooding, burst pipes, or other incidents.

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Drywall Repair in Chicago, Eco Friendly Painting in Chicago

Eco Friendly Painting

With the tree-lined streets, a combination of historic and modern structures, and a vibrant community, Chicago’s North Shore is one of America’s most prestigious suburban districts. It’s also one of the most strikingly beautiful, and every homeowner wants to preserve that beauty while also protecting the environment.

As one of the leading companies for house painting North Shore, we have a commitment to the local community and its environmental sustainability. This commitment carries through to all of our interior and exterior work.

Eco-friendly painting covers all areas of our service.

  • We use paints that meet strict industry standards for harmful compounds.
  • Low VOC paints used indoors can protect your family from discomfort and respiratory distress.
  • Our durable paints protect your home, reducing waste, and the need for frequent refinishing.
  • The right color choices can make your home more energy efficient with resistance to moisture and UV radiation.

From the smallest project to whole-home painting, we aim to leave as little of an environmental impact as possible. Whether using specific eco-paint solutions or simply through our work practices and quality, we will ensure that your environmental goals are met.

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Eco-Friendly Painting

Exterior Painting

To truly love your home, your exterior needs to be flawless. The exterior features create a first impression. Maintaining the exterior can protect the investment in your home, or even increase the value and overall curbside appeal.

If you want your home to reflect your own success and style sensibilities, it’s time to begin North Shore exterior painting.

Exterior painting is more than just an aesthetic process. The right paint and expert application will protect the materials of your home, increasing the durability and weather resistance. With extensive experience in the industry and a deep understanding of Chicago’s unique climate, we can both protect and beautify your home.

Almost every aspect of your exterior can be painted or treated to enhance the aesthetic and durability. Our painting and restoration services cover:

  • Refresh your exterior with power washing and cleaning
  • Refurbish stained and varnished trim
  • Complete exterior repair and painting
  • Carpentry services
  • Staining and finishing of natural wood surfaces
  • Entry door systems: new and stripping and refinishing
  • Painting related repair and replacement services
  • Paint stripping

With our complete house painting North Shore service, we offer staining, spraying, and roll & brush painting services. We’ll choose the best products and applications for the job, with efficiency, cost, and durability at the forefront of the project. We will consult with you on colors and palette selection so that your home will have the look and feel that you desire.

With expert residential painting in North Shore IL you can restore your tired exteriors and protect your home materials for the years to come.

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Garage and Basement Painting

We’re experts in garage and basement finishing. We can epoxy coat your floors for durability that will last for decades. Interior walls can be painted, drywall can be repaired and finished, and we can even repair water damage to drywall and carpentry.

Maximize the floor plan of your home by choosing the best garage and basement painting team today.

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Deck and Fences Staining Services in Chicago

House Painting

You love your home but it’s starting to show its age. A fresh coat of paint, an exterior stain, and exterior cleaning services can all be used to restore its beauty. With the right residential painters in North Shore IL, you can even give your home a completely new look that reflects the times and the personality of your family.

North Shore exterior painting and interior painting covers everything from drywall restoration and finishing, to whole-home exterior painting. With the right team, you can maximize the lifetime of your home while creating the most impressive looking property on your street.

It’s important to work with a team that you can trust to deliver outstanding results. Low-quality products and poor application methods can leave inconsistencies in color and finish. Choose the wrong residential painting North Shore IL company, and you could find yourself unimpressed and looking ahead to the next restoration.

Get the job done right, first time, with our experienced professionals. We offer comprehensive house painting in North Shore that covers everything from your interior trim and woodwork to your fences and decks.

Explore our services and contact us now for your free consultation. A durable and more beautiful home awaits you.

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Interior Painting

We will work with you to customize and transform your interiors. From our initial consultation and a detailed quote to color and product selections, your needs are at the forefront of the project.

Interior painting can bring new beauty to any room or your entire home. Whether you want to modernize a tired space, or completely renovate from the laundry room to the kitchen and everything between, we follow an expert process to ensure the best results and your complete satisfaction.

North Shore interior painting covers all areas within your home, including:

  • Bathrooms, Living rooms, Kitchens, Dining rooms, Game rooms, Pantries, Hallways, Bedrooms, Garages, Garage floors, Drywall, Basements
  • Change colors to a small bedroom or bathroom, kitchen, lounge
  • Refresh high traffic areas
  • Miscellaneous touch-ups and painting
  • Refurbish stained and varnished trim
  • Staining and finishing of new and existing woodwork
  • Paint re-stripping and refinishing
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Complimentary Color Consultation
  • Complete interior repair and painting
  • Decorative finishes
  • Painting related repair and replacement services
  • Painting A New Home or Condo
  • Color Testing
  • Paint Job Preparation

During our color consultation process, we will help you to find a palette that reflects your style and personality. Every home is unique, and your color selection will add even more character to the look and feel of your home. Our expert residential painters in North Shore IL can suggest the latest color trends, classic styles, and palettes that have special meaning to you and your family.

Whatever it is you have in mind, it can be achieved with industry experts, the highest quality paint products, and application methods that ensure durability and a flawless finish. Our free color consultation will help you to envision your refreshed home before a single square inch of wall is treated.

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Residential Painting - Big League Painting Interior

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Removing a popcorn ceiling can be a difficult, stressful, and time-consuming job. These ceilings were incredibly popular right up until the 1980s. If your home has an older textured ceiling that is looking worse for wear, it’s time to modernize your space.

Professionals cut out the stress and uncertainty of popcorn ceiling removal in North Shore. Our team uses advanced methods to minimize mess, cost, and time to complete the project. We follow all industry safety standards to keep your home free of contaminants. Older ceilings that contain asbestos can be harmful to your health, and a DIY removal job could put you at risk.

Have complete peace of mind by choosing the best North Shore interior painting experts. We’ll remove your older popcorn ceiling and finish every room in your home with fresh, modern, and durable paint that enhances light and beauty.

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Pressure Washing / Power Washing

House painting in North Shore lasts longer with regular maintenance. In addition to refinishing exteriors and interiors, we can also maintain your property with an extensive power washing service.

Power washing can remove years of grime, dust, and discoloration from your North Shore exterior painting. Yearly pressure washing will safely remove mildew and other contaminants from your exteriors while protecting the paint and materials underneath. We use advanced techniques and equipment to prevent damage and minimize water and detergent usage. Power washing is one of the most eco-friendly ways to maintain the look of your home.

Power washing is ideal for:

  • Home siding including masonry, vinyl, wood, and stucco, etc.
  • Driveways and patios.
  • Fences and decks.
  • Roofing materials.
  • Garden pathways and features like ornamental stones, fountains, and more.

For the quickest, most efficient, and most affordable way to clean your home exteriors, call us for power washing today.

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Power Washing

Wallpaper Removal

Outdated wallpaper can suck the life out of any room in your home. Removing wallpaper is a time and labor-intensive task, and one where professionals make all of the difference. Our North Shore interior painting experts are highly trained and ready to remove old wallpaper in preparation for a complete makeover.

We use advanced methods, such as enzyme removal to break down existing wallpaper adhesive. This hastens the process and prevents damage to the material underneath your wallpaper. We can wet or dry strip depending on the age of the wallpaper and construction of your home. Walls are completely washed and treated to ensure that replacement wallpaper or paint adheres well and looks great.

When the walls are clean and prepped, we’ll be ready to add color with modern paint solutions or a covering of your choice. Vinyl wallpaper is increasing in popularity, and it’s often a good choice for a feature wall, children’s bedrooms, studios, and playrooms.

Whatever look and feel you want to achieve, we are ready to bring your vision to reality. You’ll love the professionalism that our residential painters in North Shore IL bring to the project.

Don’t let old, faded, ripped, and damaged wallpaper destroy the look of your interiors. With wallpaper removal and North Shore interior painting, you’ll love your home again.

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Residential - Wallpaper Removal

Contact the Best Residential painters in North Shore IL

Contact us for your free estimate today for residential painting in North Shore IL. With our extensive painting, renovation, and restoration services, you can have a home that reflects your success and unique sense of style.

Free color consultation, ongoing project management, and the very best professionals in the field will give you confidence as you create your best home yet.

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