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Between all the types of commercial painting, office painting is a unique challenge that requires careful planning. Office painters at Big League Painting are trained to provide the best commercial building painting in Chicago, utilizing an extensive skillset for results that are made available on time and within budget.

If you are looking for office painters in Chicago, you can trust our team to get the job done. Learn how we can make your office painting project a success and contact us for your estimate and consultation today.

Office Painting Contractor in Chicago

A Trusted Provider of Commercial Building Painting in Chicago

With a metropolitan population of almost 10 million, Chicago is one of the busiest cities in the United States. As the home of the world’s first modern skyscraper, the city also has a long history with offices and commercial space.

Office painting is a major part of the city’s heritage and Big League Painting is proud to create the commercial spaces that are used by businesses today.

Commercial building painting in Chicago is available for interiors and exteriors. From small low-rise office buildings to the largest office interiors, we take care of it all. Commercial building painting in Chicago is carefully planned for every unique client, so you can have confidence knowing that your project will get the attention it deserves.

Call us and get an estimate for commercial building painting in Chicago including:

  • Interior and exterior painting of all surfaces.
  • Ceiling and floor painting.
  • Special treatments and sealants.
  • Brick and stone painting and staining.
  • Commercial pressure washing services.

Our team is experienced in commercial building painting in Chicago, ensuring that we can meet the challenges of any environment. From choosing the right type of paint to consulting on the best colors for productivity, we can make the entire project stress-free.

We are proud to offer competitive rates and the finest workmanship for offices that look and feel better than the rest.

A Dedicated Contact to Manage Office Painters in Chicago

Our office painters in Chicago will work diligently from the beginning to the conclusion of your project. With extensive training and frequent upskilling, the work is completed efficiently without ever compromising the quality.

Our office painters in Chicago are led by our project management team. You will have a dedicated point of contact for updates, questions, and concerns throughout your project. We remain communicative during office painting projects, so you’ll never have to call to ask what’s happening.

Hands-on management of our office painters in Chicago ensures that our deadlines are met. We also routinely inspect office painting projects as they are ongoing, to ensure that our standards are adhered to.

You’ll get a final walkthrough once your office painting project is finished, to ensure that you are satisfied with the job. With the quality of our office painters in Chicago, we are known to exceed client expectations.

Color Choices with Chicago Office Painters

The color selection is important when working with Chicago office painters. Although commercial projects often lean towards conservative palettes, there is an opportunity for expression that can set your office apart.

Smaller, modern, and more agile businesses often use bold feature walls especially in waiting areas and behind reception desks. Large office floors can also have feature elements to reinforce company branding. This is often around trim and on pillars rather than on the main walls, but there are no hard-set rules when working with Chicago office painters.

Our Chicago office painters can recommend colors for productivity, and we provide color consultation for every contract.

Some of the most popular colors applied by our Chicago office painters include:

  • Blue to stimulate productivity and focus. Blue is often used in industries where daily tasks have a repetitive routine as it keeps employees on target.
  • Red to create a sense of excitement and urgency. Red is often used as an accent or feature wall color and is often used in creative industries.
  • Green for balance in offices where focus, urgency, and accuracy are key.
  • Off-white or white for offices where you want the freedom to decorate around neutral walls.

Our Chicago office painters expertly apply colors for results that look fantastic. We use the best paints from leading brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. We can apply specialty paint in high traffic areas to prevent scuffs and scrapes that would make your office look run down.

Talk to Us for a Commercial Office Painting Estimate Today

Office painting requires careful application and detailed planning. Our office painters in Chicago will respect your premises and your staff. We can plan painting around your schedule to minimize any disruption at your place of business. With the best office painting team on your side, you’ll enjoy the easiest process to renovate and refresh your commercial space. We’re available today to begin with your estimate and color consultation.

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