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Gym and Fitness Center Painters

The best Chicago painting contractors are ready to deliver projects within budget and on time. If you want a consultation for commercial gym paint colors, and the versatility to work around your schedule, Big League Painting is ready to help.

Our painting contractors offer the finest workmanship at competitive rates. Learn about your options with interior painters in Chicago and talk to us today for your free estimate.

Gym and Fitness Centers Painting Services in Chicago

Interior Painters in Chicago for Gym Facilities

Gyms and fitness centers are unique among commercial properties. They receive high traffic, and that traffic is typically more intensive than that of a hallway or auditorium. Some gyms and fitness centers are open 24/7 and see heavy and frequent use.

Designing facilities that can hold up to the challenge of heavy use can be time-consuming. One way to make things easier is to contact the best interior painters in Chicago.

Although the paint is often something in the background and not an immediate point of interest, it can quickly stand out when it is faded, flaking, or otherwise not looking its best. That’s where the best interior painters in Chicago come in.

Interior painters in Chicago can refresh your gym or fitness center with paint that reflects your brand while providing all the protection needed for interior building materials.

Businesses large and small can rely on our interior painters in Chicago for gym painting and fitness center painting.

Chicago Interior Painters – Our Services

With a team of the best Chicago interior painters, we are ready to revitalize or improve your commercial gym or fitness center. We have worked with countless clients throughout Chicago and the North Shore to provide a reliable service, competitive pricing, and flawless results.

Our Chicago interior painters offer:

  • Complete interior painting of all surfaces for gyms and fitness centers.
  • Minor carpentry repairs and modifications.
  • Special sealing and floor paint.
  • Fresh paint for all types of material including concrete, stone, brick, and drywall.
  • Expert color consulting to get the esthetic that suits your business.
  • Exterior painting and pressure washing to keep your premises looking great.

Chicago interior painters also perform exterior painting so if you have a project in mind for your entire premises, we are ready to deliver outstanding work.

We provide highly trained Chicago interior painters who are frequently upskilled to ensure that we use the best application methods and tools. Our Chicago interior painters for gyms and fitness centers choose paints from leading suppliers like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to give you the trusted quality that will provide a long return on investment.

What’s the Best Type of Interior Paint for Gyms and Fitness Centers?

The best paint depends on the surface and the specific application. Some areas of your gym or fitness center won’t see a lot of wear and tear. If you’re considering hiring painting contractors for your walls and ceilings, then we can use various types of standard commercial paint to get the job done.

In areas of high traffic, like hallways and locker rooms, we can use paint that resists scuffs and scrapes. Our specialist paints will last longer so that you can save money between renovations and touch-ups.

We can even use specialist formulations like durable flooring paint or epoxy resin to ensure that heavy-use flooring keeps looking great for months and years to come. Areas like locker and changing rooms can be treated with antimicrobial paint to prevent the buildup of germs that is common in an area frequented by tens or even hundreds of different people every day.

For interiors, we can also use low-VOC paint that will prevent respiratory irritation.

Commercial Gym Paint Colors

While there’s often a tendency to go conservative with color choices in a commercial environment, gyms and fitness centers are exceptions. Commercial gym paint colors can be selected to match your brand colors to create a positive association with your frequent clients.

In main workout areas, it’s more common to see vibrant and bold commercial gym paint colors. Red is a stimulating color and other options like electric blue, purple, and pink are often seen. We can develop a palette of commercial gym paint colors and apply it throughout your premises so that there is consistency with a balanced esthetic.

Some gyms and fitness centers, especially those used for classical ballet, dance, and martial arts require more conservative whites, grays, and other lighter tones. We provide detailed consulting for commercial gym paint colors so even if you have no idea where to start, we’ll help you get to a point where you can make an informed decision that you’re happy with.

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