Let's Take Care of Your Touch-ups

Do you have a bunch of touch-ups around the house that you haven’t gotten to? For example, scuff marks on a baseboard, scratches on your wall, or an old ceiling leak that’s been bothering you for months?

You can work with one of my professional painters for six hours – we’ll take care of as many interior touch-ups around the house as we can in a day. We’ll bring the tools, all you have to do is provide the paint!

Request a Painter

Work With a Painter You Trust

If you’ve worked with us before, it’s been on a big project. Maybe we painted a room in your house, or we might have painted your entire exterior. You know our commitment to excellence, and that you can count on us to do amazing work. Normally we don’t have the bandwidth to come out for small jobs, but when it snows things slow down for us. That’s why we’d love to come up and take care of any touch-ups you may need in the month of January! 

Paint an Accent Wall

Fix Holes in the Wall

Repaint Baseboards

Fix Ceiling Leaks

Let us Know What You Need

As long as it’s something that you need on the interior of your home or building, we’re happy to make it happen. Give us a list of everything you’d like to see done and we can let you know how much is likely to be finished within a single day. Of course, your painter can always come back again the next day if you’d like to get more finished!

Only $500 Per Day

During our busy season, our painters complete large jobs in teams with a minimum job size typically around $4000. We would love to come out and take care of these small jobs for you this January, while we have the time. If you have anything you’ve been wanting to get done but you’ve hesitated because you weren’t sure who to call, let’s get it done this month! 

Enjoy your freshly touched-up paint job for the rest of the new year 🙂