House Painting Ideas

House Painting Ideas with North Shore Painters

With house painting experts, you can make your project a success and add value to your home. Big League Painting is the best company to call for showcase house painting on Chicago’s North Shore.

Explore some top house painting ideas and talk to us when you’re ready to start with color consultation and planning.


Painting Wood Paneling

If your home has wood paneling and if you’ve fallen out of love with the look, you can transform your interiors by painting wood paneling with our experts.

Due to the three-dimensional nature of the material, painting wood paneling requires highly trained professionals. We know the techniques and best paints to get excellent esthetic results when painting wood paneling.

White is often preferred for painting wood paneling, with a clean and transitional esthetic that blends the past and the present. Off-white or cream is also an option if you want a warmer look and feel when painting wood paneling.

Of course, you aren’t limited to basic colors. You can choose any color that suits the overall theme of your décor. A bold color for wood paneling and a feature wall is an option. You could also go for pastel when room painting, which will add a splash of color without being imposing.


Room Painting

The various rooms throughout your home provide an opportunity to get creative with your color choices. Room painting allows you to reflect some of your personality and sense of style. Whether it’s a bedroom or your living room, our color consultants will help you to find your perfect theme for room painting.

Color consulting is more than just telling you what works for room painting. We take the time to understand your sense of style and what it is that you’re looking for. With a few simple ideas and examples of the décor that you’re looking for, we can provide room painting concepts that align with your vision.

Homeowners on Chicago’s North Shore often find it difficult to convey their sense of style into words. We are experts at interpreting your general themes, wants, and needs. It’s part of what has made us so successful as the North Shore’s premier house painting experts.

Consider some examples as you start to think about what your renovated home would look like…

  • Black Satin – Black is one of the best esthetic choices for a modern home. It is elegant and understated but it needs to be used carefully for interior house painting. It’s best used as a feature in living spaces to add drama and create contrast between other color choices and elements of the architecture.
  • Laurel Woods – This is a color available from Sherwin Williams, one of our trusted suppliers. It’s a dark and earthy green color that is fantastic for modern living spaces. It works well with white ceilings and light flooring materials. It can also work wonderfully well with dark floors if you have light furniture pieces to balance it.
  • Dovetail – This is another Sherwin Williams color that is softer than traditional gray interior paint. It is neutral and elegant, allowing it to work with a range of décor styles.

Color combinations are virtually limitless. You can get started by talking to us for your estimate and color consultation today.


What’s the Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint to Use?

The team at Big League Painting can refresh your kitchen with the best kitchen cabinet paint. Cabinets can last for decades with the right care and maintenance. If yours are starting to look run down, or if you simply want a change, you can get a quote for the best kitchen cabinet paint from our designers.

The best kitchen cabinet paint is one that’s durable so it’s best to go for a semi-gloss or gloss option. Semi-gloss typically provides the best aesthetic for a kitchen as the cabinets will look bold and vibrant when using color or neutral when going for classic options like white and cream.

Oil-based paints were once the best kitchen cabinet paints thanks to their durability, but drying times (up to 16 hours in some cases) can be problematic. Modern latex paints can offer similar durability with low-VOC options and shorter drying times.

Talk to us about the best kitchen cabinet paint and enjoy detailed color consultation to get the best kitchen esthetic.


Looking for Exterior House Paint Ideas? Talk to the Best House Painting Team

If you are planning to renovate your entire home, then you will need some exterior house paint ideas to get started with. Exterior house paint ideas can cover the type of paint as well as the colors used. As with all aspects of our service, we will provide exterior house paint ideas during color consultation. We’ll develop a plan for your home with exterior house paint ideas so that you can visualize how everything will look once the project is completed.

We can use 3D models to show you how exterior house paint ideas will come together. You can also choose colors that you think will fit, and we’ll present concepts using your preferred pallet.

Ready to give your home its best look yet? Call Big League Painting for the best house painting service on Chicago’s North Shore.

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