Christian Heritage Academy
PK-12 School Gym Renovation Project

They wanted to improve the athletic program and decided that a fresh coat of paint would give the gym a much-needed uplift with a new modern look.

We painted all the walls, doors, air ducts, and ceilings of the gym at Christian Heritage Academy. We completely changed up their color scheme because they had a dated look to the gym that has never been repainted since the 1970s.

Challenges We Overcame

The biggest challenge was getting up to that ceiling so we could spray dry fall. The problem was getting a lift into the gym. We had to take apart a door to drive a scissor lift into the gym that goes up 30 ft high and we were really worried about the floorboards cracking because the machinery was too heavy. But we were very careful to make sure that the floor was strong enough to withstand the lift so we overcame that challenge.

Another issue we ran across was that the tile was like a flat porcelain tile on the first eight feet of the walls and it wasn’t very porous so nothing wanted to stick to it. So we had to use a primer called UMA and then a two-part epoxy paint to ensure that it sticks so that when balls are being thrown and kids are slamming against it that the paint doesn’t peel.

We worked closely with everyone involved in the project because we had to get the job done on a strict deadline during Thanksgiving break in order for the flooring contractors to be able to sand and get the floors done. We did what we had to do to meet the deadline and worked extra hours on Saturday and Sunday to get it done on time and they were super happy.

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Target Store in Northfield

Finished up a project for Target that was subcontracted to us by Ambal Contracting.

There was water coming in through the parapet wall and leaking inside the retail store. So we replaced all the caulking on the outside of the parapet wall on one of the sides of the building where water was leaking through to the inside of the building. Then we did some drywall repair inside the store and also repainted the entire east side section of the wall.

Great job to our guys on the paint crew who worked quickly but efficiently to get the job done right!

The Glen in Glenview

We were contacted by Rick Greenbury who is the property manager over at the Glen in Glenview. We painted metal awnings in front of retail storefronts, had to sand off rusted old paint, prime & caulk, and apply two coats of DTM (direct-to-metal) paint with a semi-gloss finish to hold up to the rain and sun.

Rick Greenbury was great to work with and a tremendous help on setting up the job site to make it safe for any people walking by. Seeing when stores open & close and working with Rick to figure out the best place customers can safely enter & exit each storefront. All these conversations happened behind the scenes before the job started that way our paint crew knew exactly what to do and how to accommodate store owners and customers.

One of the challenges was getting to the awnings we had to use scaffolding. The biggest challenge was working around retail store hours. For example, a children’s playground center that opens at 10am we had to arrive early at 6-7am to get our work done quickly in a very short window of time safely & professionally before they open to the public.

We managed each job site to make sure we stayed out of the way of people, always keeping things neat & clean with drop sheets down and paper taped to the ground. Extension cords were taped into the cracks of the concrete to make sure it’s not a liability to make sure the work area is safe when people walk by. We also set up caution tape to make sure nobody comes into our work space and all our guys wearing hard hats and safety vests to let pedestrians know that we’re working in the area and to give them their space.

We want to thank Rick again for being so easy to work with and helping us make this project safe for the public!

Condo Townhome HOA on 8101 W Courte Dr in Niles

Hanna Pop is on the HOA board for a condo townhome coop on 8101 W Courte Dr in Niles. I worked closely with Hanna and did a walkthrough before we started the project to make sure that I understood her needs and also so I could set expectations for how we’ll work around certain challenges.

There were some logistics challenges – we had to keep doors open, put cones around certain things to make sure the homeowners didn’t go into work areas, put up ‘wet paint’ signs, being courteous & polite to residents, and closing down a stairway we were working on for safety reasons.

We repainted stairways as well as 6 doors on the premises. There was a lot of old peeling paint due to the old painter not doing a good job prepping everything. So we used a better primer and high-quality paint along with doing the prep steps properly to ensure that the paint will adhere and last a long time.

The project came out great and it looks really good. Hanna and the residents are very happy!

Brick Limewash w Romabio

Have any commercial or rental properties that are in need of a facelift and you’re not interested in the maintenance of regular brick paint? Lime wash is an awesome alternative!

We took on an awesome project here in Deerfield where we completely transformed the exterior brick by staining the brick alternatively to painting using Romabio lime wash.

This can be done in many different finishes and several shades of color to transform the look of your brick into something totally new!

Some of the challenges that we had is the client asked for a specific pattern of lime wash. So what we did was put two samples on the back of her chimney to make sure that she was happy with the final finish.

Another challenge was at the end of the job, she wasn’t very happy with the front of the house so we came back a second time to do an additional coat to make sure she’s happy with the pattern of the lime wash.

This is another option for large commercial products. Please visit to see the finish options and see the before & after transformations of this house in the pictures above.

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